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UP Agriculture Token Generate: The Uttar Pradesh government has initiated a novel initiative called the UP Agriculture Portal with the aim of consolidating all available digital resources and data pertinent to the state’s agricultural community in one central hub.

This platform serves as an up-to-date source of information regarding recently introduced farmer-oriented programs. Furthermore, interested users can access details on fresh updates and online application procedures. Moreover, citizens are encouraged to utilize this portal for UP Agriculture Token Generation in 2023.

It enables farmers from all districts within the state to conveniently apply for online tokens for agricultural equipment and farm pond-related transactions. In this article, we will delve deeply into the UP Agriculture Token Generation process and the advantages it offers.


UP Agriculture Token Generate



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UP Agriculture Token Generate 2023

Farmers in Uttar Pradesh are set to benefit from a simplified and streamlined approach. They no longer need to navigate various platforms or multiple channels; instead, they can focus their efforts on a single comprehensive platform to address all their concerns.

This one-stop solution offers farmers access to government agricultural loans and equipment subsidies. One notable program is the UP Agricultural Machinery Subsidy Scheme 2023, where farmers can avail themselves of up to a 50% subsidy on their agricultural equipment purchases.

Given the substantial cost of contemporary farming equipment, ranging from plowing fields to harvesting crops, this initiative comes as a significant relief.

The Uttar Pradesh government has introduced the Kisan Seva Yojana, which has given rise to upagriculture.com, a dedicated website for farmers.

Through this platform, farmers can access a wide array of government agricultural initiatives, further complemented by the UP Krishi Mobile App. With these resources at their disposal, farmers can conveniently access and explore all government programs related to the agricultural sector.

To facilitate easy access to affordable agricultural equipment, the government has introduced various avenues. As a result, farmers in Uttar Pradesh are required to generate UP Agriculture Tokens. This process commenced on September 12, 2022, as part of the Uttar Pradesh Agriculture Token Generation 2023 initiative, initiated by the UP Government.

Registration for UP Agriculture Equipment Tokens 2023 commenced at noon on the same day, with all eligible farmers mandated to visit the UP Agriculture Portal to fulfill this requirement. For more information, you can click to learn about the “UP Keet Rog Niyantran Yojana.”


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UP Agriculture Token Generate Highlights


Name of the Scheme Pardarshi Kisan Seva Yojana
Year of Launch 2023
Department Agriculture Department, Uttar Pradesh
Beneficiary Farmers of the UP state
Benefits To facilitate the withdrawal of tokens for Krishi Yantra and Khet Talab
Application Mode Online
Official Website upagriculture.com


UP Agriculture Token Generate Objectives

The government is establishing designated facilities for the issuance of tokens related to farm ponds and agricultural equipment.

This program shares a common objective with many others, which is to support farmers in their agricultural pursuits. However, the distinguishing feature of this program is its provision of subsidies to assist farmers in purchasing farming equipment.


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UP Agriculture Token Generate Features

This program is exclusively available to farmers who have registered with the government. Therefore, it is crucial for farmers to complete their registration before they can generate a token on upagriculture.com.

The allocation of UP Agricultural Machines and Solar Pumps will follow a “first come, first serve” approach, meaning there won’t be any special reservations or passes granted to farmers. The entire system will operate with transparency and digitalization.

Reservations can only be made online through the official website, which is accessible at upagriculture.com. Once the portal is activated, users can access the connection.

Once the token for Agricultural Machines and Solar Pumps on upagriculture.com has been generated, farmers have a one-week window to take the corresponding challan to an Indian Bank branch and deposit their portion of the total prize money there.



Eligibility to Apply

You need to have the following eligibility to apply:

  • You need to be a farmer who resides in UP
  • You must have Aadhar-linked Saving bank account
  • If you are a farmer who is already getting subsidy won’t be eligible to apply


UP Agriculture Token Generate Registration Process

  • First, you need to first visit the official website of Agriculture Department of Uttar Pradesh
  • Next, click Krishi Yantra once you reach the homepage
  • Once you have completed the initial step, the UP Kisan Yantra Registration Token form for 2023 will automatically appear on the next page
  • At the top of the new page, select the district in which you reside, enter your registration number, and then click the “Search” option
  • If you are prompted to choose agricultural machinery, make your selection for the machinery you wish to purchase
  • On the subsequent screen, select the option to “Proceed,” and you will be asked to provide your mobile phone number to generate the token
  • Once the token generation process for the subsidy is successfully completed, an SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number to confirm your eligibility for the subsidy
  • Upon receiving the notification, your reservation for the UP Agriculture Token 2023 will be considered approved, and you will be issued the token


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