What is Uniform Civil Code? Check Its Advantages & Disadvantages

Uniform Civil Code: The Indian constitution has given the right to people of all caste and religion to live with equality. It means there should be no discrimination among people that divides them with anything. In short, Uniform Civil Code (UCC) means people of all religion to live equally under one law.

It’s therefore applicable to each and every citizen of the country. It gives equal rights to every citizen to live with dignity and freedom.

The Uniform Civil Code will act in such a way that same law will be applicable to people following different religions. For example, it will be applicable in case of marriages, division of land property, divorce.

The law has been in place to give justice to every citizen of the country. It will also protect an individual from any kind of injustice.


Uniform Civil Code


What is Uniform Civil Code?

In Hindi, the meaning of Uniform Civil Code is nothing but Samaan Naagrik Sanhita. It basically applies to all people following different religions. It calls for one country one rule.

If you look at the Indian constitution deeply, you will find UCC  has been mentioned in the Part 4 of Article 44 of the Indian Constitution.

As per article 44, the state should be able to secure a it for all citizens of India. There are many areas of conflict which are common where conflict arises.

Some of the include marriage, divorce, property distribution, and so on. In all these cases, there should be one law to give justice. The law acts in a way so that there should be relation between religion and law in modern civilization.

The sole objective of this law is that there should be no discrimination against vulnerable groups. Instead, there should be harmony among diverse cultural groups.

If you look at the constitution, the law has been explained precisely as the responsibility of the state under Article 44.

In spite of the above facts give in the constitution, this law has not been implemented by any government. And now, when the law is to be implemented under the leadership of PM Modi, there is debate going on across the country.


Where is the Uniform Civil Code applicable?

There has been a lot of occasions where both the central and state government discussed the need of implementing the law in the country. But no concrete action was taken place by any government. Finally, the law was implemented in Goa in 1961 after a government was formed in the state.

Subject included in Uniform Civil Code

  • Acquire and operate property
  • Adoption and divorce
  • Marriage
  • Personal level


Shala Darpan

Uniform Civil Code is applicable in these countries

  • Egypt
  • Bangladesh
  • Ireland
  • Indonesia
  • Pakistan
  • Sudan
  • Türkiye
  • America
  • Malaysia


Why UCC law is needed in the country

India is a diverse country where people following different religion live with prosperity. In such a situation, there should be one law for every person following any religion.

Now, after the implementation of the law, there will be no issues even for the judiciary system due to which it has to face so many cases in a day.

After it gets implemented, most of the cases will be automatically vanished. After it is implemented in the country, there will be same law for every citizen of the country.

If this happens, there will be no conflict in cases of marriage, divorce, property matter, etc. The implementation of this law will automatically enhance the unity among the country. Above and all, the country will also grow towards the path of development.

Rashtriya Gramin Swasthya Mission

Benefits of Uniform Civil Code

  • The fact that this law is applicable to 125 countries around the world is something that we should also adopt. Take a look at some of its benefits:
  • If it gets implemented in the country, it will give the same right to every individual of the country
  • Equal rights will be given to all
  • The overall condition of women in the country will increase after it  is implemented
  • All women of the country will have equal rights under different religions
  • As girls are married at very young age in Muslims, it will prevent such thing after UCC gets implemented in the country. Also, daughters won’t get married at an early age
  • People of different communities in India will be given equal rights after the implementation of the law rights
  • Any citizen who gets discriminated on the basis of color, caste, religion will be eliminated under the UCC
  • After the UCC gets implemented, it will work to simplify these laws like Sharia law, Hindu Code Bill, etc.
  • All Women of the country will be given equal rights after it gets implemented


Constitutional provisions regarding religious freedom

As per the Indian Constitution article 25 and 28, all citizens of the country have been provided with their fundamental rights related to their religious freedom. And this has been included in the form of Uniform Civil Code.


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Shashi Tharoor’s BIG STATEMENT On Uniform Civil Code

Congress party leader Shashi Tharoor recently presented his views on Uniform Civil Code. He said that they still are not aware what the government has to say in its proposal. And so, he first needs to check what this proposal entails.

While making a remark on the Uniform Civil Code, Tharoor further pointed out that the govt. has not presented any draft or conducted any sort of discussions with stakeholders.

This is the reason why the Congress party has not yet decided to comment until a draft on the UCC is actually presented. (ref: https://zeenews.india.com/india/shashi-tharoors-big-statement-on-uniform-civil-code-2633084.html)

Uniform Civil Code FAQs


What is the full form of UCC?

The full form of UCC is Uniform Civil Code    

What is called Uniform Civil Code in Hindi?

It’s called Samaan Naagrik Sanhita in Hindi

What is UCC?

It means the country should have a uniform law for every citizen irrespective of their caste and religion

Which state of India has implemented the UCC?

It has been implemented only in the Indian state of Goa



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