Create Senior Citizen Card Online: Benefits of Senior Citizen Card

Senior Citizen Card: The central government has come along to help senior citizens by making Senior Citizen Cards. This will definitely ease day-to-day tensions and other problems. Not only that, they will also be given special facilities.

It’s all because with increasing age, they have to face different problems along with having a good income. In regards to the above problem, the government has launched Senior Citizen Card.

As it looks like, the senior citizens are going to get a lot of benefits through this card. It will act a kind of identity card. It will be issued to senior citizens who have crossed 60 years of age.

So, if you are a senior citizen and wish to get all the required benefits of the central government schemes, then you need to apply online to grab a Senior Citizen Card.


Senior Citizen Card 2023

It’s recommended for every state government in the country to make Senior Citizen Card for those attaining over 60 years of age. It’s also called Senior Citizen ID Card.

It contains all the required information of senior citizen like their contact number, name, allergy, other medicine, blood group, etc.

Under this scheme, they will receive a number of facilities along with some other benefits of private schemes. The card offers rebate in tax and many other facilities like ease of banking, low phone charges, cheap train and air tickets, and more.

The proper care of senior citizens is necessary and due to this they are made to roam freely by using Senior Citizen Card. This is a kind of support to them. They need to apply online to get one.


Senior Citizen Card Highlights


Name of the Scheme Senior Citizen Card
Beneficiary   Senior citizens above 60 years of age
Objective special facilities through Senior Citizen Card
Benefit   Benefits of state government and private schemes
Year   2023
Application Mode Online
Official Website  
Toll free Number   1291 to 100


Karnataka Shakti Scheme

Benefits of Senior Citizen Card

As we mentioned above, a number of benefits are being offered to senior citizens through Senior Citizen Card. Please go through some of the benefits of making a Senior Citizen Identity Card:

  • Elderly people will be given a rebate in Railway and Air fare
  • They also get income tax rebate through this card. There are known cases where they are given exemption from filing their returns
  • They are bound to get more interest on FD as compared to common people
  • They can also get more benefits under the Post Office Investment Scheme
  • Senior citizens are also bound to get free treatment in government hospitals
  • They can also get treatment at some discounted rates in private hospitals
  • In the same way, Senior Citizen Card holders can get exemption in registration charge
  • They can also get exemption in monthly rental charge


Eligibility for Senior Citizen Card

  • A person needs to be over 60 years of age to apply for Senior Citizen Card
  • He or she should have a permanent resident certificate of the state he belongs


Documents needed for Senior Citizen Card

The first step is that senior citizens have to apply online to make a Senior Citizen Card. They simply need to visit the official website of the same. It’s only  after that they have to attach their documents.

  • Age proof: You may use PAN card, school leaving certificate, or passport
  • Residence certificate: You may use passport or ration card
  • Medical information sheet: This is where medical report needs to be provided
  • Mobile number and a Passport size photograph is also required


How to apply for making Senior Citizen ID card?

In order to create a senior citizen card, they need to first visit the official website. It’s because the form is available online on the web portal.

All you need to do is to fill the form online on the official web portal of Senior Citizen Card Agency. In the same way, you can also apply getting a Senior Citizen Card irrespective of being the resident of any state. Please adhere to the following steps to apply for the one:

  • First, you need to visit the official website of Senior Citizen Card Agency
  • Click New Registration after reaching the homepage

Senior Citizen Card


  • It will open the application form
  • Next, enter all the required information like your name, address, blood group, state, etc.
  • Next, hit ‘Submit’ after you enter all the information
  • You will finally get a Senior Citizen Card after verifying the details


Senior Citizen Card Toll Free Number

Please note that the government has also issued a toll free number for those who are seeking information to obtain a Senior Citizen Identity Card.

To get more information on this, they can directly call on a toll free number 1291 or 100.


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