Sanchar Saathi Portal: Trace Details of Stolen Phone & Block Fake SIM

Sanchar Saathi Portal: All telecom users will now get the benefit of Sanchar Saathi Portal through which they can not only trace the location of their lost or stolen mobile but also can do much more. The above scheme was first launched by the Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnav.

In simple words, you can trace your lost phone using this portal online. You can also get to know other crucial detail as the number of SIMs is registered on your mobile number.

The service of Sanchar Saathi portal was first made available by the central government. Anyone can use the portal to access all; the information related to his mobile.

Now, if you wish to trace your lost mobile though the Sanchar Saathi Portal, you need to simply enter your IMEI number. It will help you block and trace your stolen mobile phone.

Please note that IMEI number happens to be a 15-digit number, If anyone calls from your unregistered mobile, he can be identified.

The Sanchar Saathi portal is one of kind software which can help prevent stolen mobile phones. Find more crucial information in this document below:


Sanchar Saathi Portal 2023

Ashwini Vaishnav first launched the Sanchar Saathi portal. It was launched basically to save personal information of telecom users, especially when their phone is lost or stolen.

The portal was launched on May 17 on the occasion of World Telecom Day. And so, you can easily trace your lost or stolen mobile phone using Sanchar Saathi Portal. In the same way, you can also block the number.

The portal will also help you provide crucial information about your SIM being used by others. You can use the option locate your Android which is quite similar to the feature given in Apple’s Find My Phone.

You can grab loads of solutions by using the Sanchar Saathi portal. Please note that the system of mobile tracing is currently available only in Delhi and Mumbai which will shortly be implemented across the country.


Sanchar Saathi Portal Highlights


Name of the Scheme  Sanchar Saathi Portal  
Launched By  Ashwini Vaishnav  
Department Department of Telecom Government of India  
Beneficiary citizens of the country  
Objective Facilitate easy locating of lost phone
Year 2023  
Application Mode Online  
Official Website  


Purpose of Sanchar Saathi Portal

The core objective of launching the Sanchar Saathi portal is to trace information related to your lost mobile phone. It will also help you find the number of SIMs is active on the personal ID.

It’s mainly because users lose their information (data) along with their phone. This is why the central government decided to launch the portal to retrieve the data and lost phone.


Lost mobile phone can be traced

By using the newly launched Sanchar Saathi Portal, you can easily get information related to your lost or stolen phone. It will also give details about the number of SIMs are active on the personal ID.

Please note that Sanchar Saathi Portal happens to be a citizen centric initiative of DoT to help millions of mobile users by strengthening their data security.


TAFCOP Portal 

4.70 lakh smartphone blocked

Using the Sanchar Saathi portal, over 4.5 lakh mobile phones have been blocked. Using the portal, around 2, 40,000 mobile phones have been tracked.

Other than the above, around 850 mobile phones have been recovered. The portal can be useful as it fetches the details quickly.


Mobile number can be closed by registering a complaint

All those mobile numbers that have been activated on your name can now be blocked straightaway using the Sanchar Saathi Portal. To get services, you first need to file a complaint on Sanchar Saathi Portal. Once you register a complaint regarding any number registered on your name, it will be closed.

The portal also helps you to prevent from online fraud or unwanted calls.


Pradhan Mantri Khanij Kshetra Kalyan Yojana


Eligibility & documents for Sanchar Saathi Portal

  • FIR copy of mobile
  • Receipt of mobile purchase
  • Mobile number
  • Sanchar Saathi portal benefit for any citizen of India


How to block lost or stolen mobile from Sanchar Saathi Portal

If you wish to block the number of your lost or stolen mobile device, you can register a complaint on Sanchar Saathi portal. Please adhere to the following:

  • First, you need to visit the website of Sanchar Saathi Portal
  • Next, click CEIR Services once you reach the homepage
  • Enter the required details on the new page that opens
  • First, enter details like mobile purchase receipt, model, mobile company, and mobile number
  • Afterwards, enter details of your lost phone like place, state, date, etc.
  • Next, upload your police complaint number
  • Next, enter the personal details of mobile owner like email ID, identification number, address, name, etc.
  • Click ‘Get OTP’ after you enter all the details
  • Enter the OTP that you received on the mobile number entered
  • This is how you block your stolen or lost mobile


MP Awas Sahayata Yojana

How to Login to Sanchar Saathi Portal

  • First, you need to visit the website of Sanchar Saathi Portal
  • Next, click Login once you reach the homepage
  • Enter your login credentials to login to the portal
  • To login, simply enter the captcha code and submit
  • This is how you login safely to the Sanchar Saathi portal


How to check application status?

  • First, you need to visit the website of Department of Telecom (DoT)
  • Next, click ‘Check Request Status’ once you reach the homepage
  • Next, enter the ID that you entered you received to block your stolen or lost mobile phone
  • Hit ‘Submit’ option once you enter the Request ID
  • This is how you can check the status of your stolen or lost mobile


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