Press Sewa Portal Unveiled for Periodicals & Newspapers

Press Sewa Portal: The Government of India has officially announced the historic Press & Registration of Periodicals Act (PRP Act), 2023, along with its associated Rules in the Gazette.

It clearly suggests that the Act will become effective on March 1, 2024. The registration process for magazines will now fall under the jurisdiction of the Press and Registration of Magazines Act (PRP Act), 2023, and its corresponding Press and Registration of Periodicals Rules.

To accommodate all the applications required by the new Act, the government has introduced the Press Sewa Portal. In order to delve deeper into the details of the Press Sewa Portal, please refer to the document below.


Press Sewa Portal



Press Sewa Portal 2024

  • As per the new legislation, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting inaugurated the online platform of the Press Registrar General, known as the Press Sewa site (
  • This platform is designed to facilitate the submission of various applications mandated by the new Act.
  • All applications, notifying a periodical’s printer, registering a facsimile edition of a foreign periodical, applying for a certificate of registration for a periodical, requesting a revision of the certificate of registration, applying for a transfer of ownership of periodicals, etc. are now processed exclusively through the Press Sewa Portal. Portal Highlights


Name of the Scheme Press Sewa Portal
Launched By Government of India
Department Information & Broadcasting Ministry
Objective To receive applications as per new Act
Mode Online
Official Website




Press Sewa Portal Objectives

  • The Press Registrar General of India (PRGI) office, formerly known as the Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI), will oversee the implementation of the new Act’s objectives.
  • The new Act introduces an online framework to simplify the registration process for newspapers and other periodicals nationwide.
  • The adoption of this digital system aligns with the principles of Digital India.
  • The online technology replaces the laborious manual procedures of the past.
  • These manual procedures involved multiple steps and approvals at various stages, which imposed significant burdens on publishers.


Press Sewa Portal Benefits

  • The Press Sewa Portal gives away paperless processing while offering a range of services, such as:
  • Enabling electronic signature for documents.
  • Facilitating digital payments through a dedicated gateway.
  • Issuing instant digital certificates equipped with QR codes.
  • Providing an online platform for informing printing presses about title availability.
  • Offering a percentage-based likelihood of title availability.
  • Granting publishers online access to registration data.
  • Facilitating the submission of annual statements.
  • Furthermore, it aims to introduce an interactive grievance resolution mechanism utilizing chatbots.
  • Alongside the Press Sewa portal, a newly launched website ( provides comprehensive information and boasts a user-friendly interface.



How to Register Periodicals on the New Press Sewa Portal

In order to register periodicals, the following guidelines need to be adhered against the new Press Sewa Portal:

Registering as the Periodical Owner: To initiate the registration process, the prospective periodical owner must first register and set up a profile on the Press Sewa Portal. Additionally, they are required to submit five preferred titles in order of priority, along with any relevant supporting documentation.

The title options must comply with the regulations stipulated by the Press Registrar General. They must not duplicate or resemble any existing title owned by another periodical owner, whether in the same language across India or in any other language within the same State.

Submission to designated authority and Press Registrar General: The applications submitted through the Press Sewa Portal will be accessible simultaneously by both the Press Registrar General and the Specified Authority in the District. Therefore, there is no requirement to submit any additional applications to other offices or portals.

Invitation to the Publisher: After creating a profile, the owner must use the portal to send invitations to the designated publisher(s) associated with their periodical(s).

Notification & Registration by Printing Press Owner: To utilize the Press Sewa Portal, the printer, who is either the owner or custodian of the printing press, must register online and furnish the required information.

Profile Creation & Publisher Sign-up: The designated publisher need to register on the website and submit any required documentation or information to complete their profile.

Selecting Publisher’s Printer: In instances where the Printing Press account is pre-existing within the database, publishers are required to designate or choose their specific Printing Press from the Press Sewa database while completing the registration process.

Fee Payment via Bharatkosh: Every publisher needs to pay a registration fee of Rs. 1,000 through the integrated Bharatkosh digital payment system on the Press Sewa Portal.

Editing Registration Details: The Press Sewa Portal provides an online editing tool for registration information. Requests to update registrations due to changes in periodical details must be made through the Portal. These options will be available within the owner/publisher profile.

Correction period before submitting application: After submitting the application, publishers will have a 5-day (120-hour) window to make minor changes to it. Beyond this period, no further modifications to the application will be permitted.

Drawbacks in the Prompt Response: The Press Registrar General of India (PRGI) office will dispatch a deficiency notification subsequent to conducting an initial review. Publishers need to furnish their responses within 30 days. Applications not submitted within this time frame will be rejected.

Online Registration Fee Payment via Bharatkosh:  Each publisher must submit a registration fee of Rs. 1000 (Rupees One Thousand Only) using the integrated Bharatkosh digital payment system on the Press Sewa Portal.



Press Sewa Portal Login Details

In order to login Press Sewa Portal, you need to follow the below given steps:

  • First, you need to visit the official web portal of Press Sewa Portal,
  • Next, visit the online section given on the homepage
  • Enter all the required details
  • Finally, click Login


How to fill Application for the Periodical Owner

If you wish to register as an owner, enter all the required details

  • Login by entering your credentials
  • To fill your application, click Registration
  • You can be in touch with them via mobile or email by adding your Publisher
  • Finally, complete your registration application form


You will need some additional steps to complete registration on the site. The Advisory for Periodical Registration is available for publishers to review. The owner should ensure that the printer registers separately on the Press Sewa Portal.


How to fill Application for Printer (Printing Press Owner/Keeper)

  • First login by entering your credentials
  • If your printing press is already listed in the database, select it; otherwise, provide the relevant details
  • Include the list of magazines that your press publishes
  • You can make changes to your profile
  • The Publisher’s request to serve as the Printer needs to be either accepted or declined by the printer. The instructions for setting up a printing press profile are provided for the printer to review


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