Mizoram SEDP Scheme 2024: Families to Get Rs 50,000

Mizoram SEDP Scheme: Among various welfare schemes being launched by different state governments in the country, there is yet another one which is about the social welfare of families in Mizoram . The scheme was first launched in 2022 by the Mizoram CM which is known as Socio-Economic Development Policy (SEDP).

It’s basically a family oriented flagship policy which is designed to help raise the economic conditions of families. The entire help is proposed to be distributed in different stages.

As the name suggests, the scheme aims to help improve the socio-economic condition of families in the state. In this document, we will update you about the SEDP SchemeYou will also come across with all the features, benefits, and eligibility requirements.


Mizoram SEDP Scheme 2023

There are hundreds of families in Mizoram that are forced to live in poor financial conditions. Until now, there has been nothing much done for them to improve their financial conditions. But now, the state government of Mizoram has come forward to help these families raise their living standard by launching a scheme called Mizoram SEDP Scheme.

The sole purpose of launching this scheme is to raise socio-economic condition of families through the Mizoram SEDP Scheme. In the entire scheme, over 3 lakh families will get a direct benefit.

An amount of Rs 50,000 will be given to these families. As the scheme has already been implemented, the amount has started distributing to them in the form of installments.

At present, the state government of Mizoram has already sanctioned Rs 700 crore for the safe execution of this Socio-Economic Development Policy.

In the entire family development program, an amount of Rs 350 crore has been allocated to these families. It has been estimated that around 60 000 families will get monetary assistance through this scheme.

All interested families who wish to join this family-oriented SEDP program need to submit an application form to a village-level SEDP committee.

As per an update, the Chief Minister has started distributing checks totaling Rs 152.99 billion to 9 different departments.

Please note that the financial aid will be distributed towards different fields like tourist departments, poverty relief, urban development, trade and industry, water conservation, soil, land resources, fisheries, and animal husbandry.

There will be 17 districts where the different departments will operate. It will directly benefit 60000 beneficiaries with an amount of Rs 50,000 to each family.



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Mizoram Socio-Economic Development Policy Highlights


Name of the Scheme  Socio-Economic Development Policy
Launched By Mizoram CM
Date Of Announcement August 19, 2022
Objective Monetary assistance to 60,000 families of the state
Benefits 50,000 to 3 lakh in the first year.
Website  Not Yet released


Mizoram SEDP Scheme Objectives

  • The program which has been shaped in the form of a state level scheme has a mission for the overall development and the production of livelihoods.
  • Currently, it is known that SEDP is the most important program of the party, called Mizo National Front (MNF).
  • After the financial irregularities happened due to COVID-19, the state had to implement SEDP based on the money it was available. Still, it took over 3 years for the government to initiate the project.


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Benefits of Mizoram SEDP Scheme

  • The SEDP was part of the MNF’s 2018 election program
  • Under this program, the state government of Mizoram will provide financial assistance to 60,000 different families
  • The financial amount of Rs 50,000 will be distributed to different families
  • Initially, a sum of Rs 3 lakh will be given
  • In the 2nd year, families will get over Rs 3 lakh
  • The financial assistance will be given in the form of installments of Rs 25,000
  • The first installment will be directly transferred to the respective ban accounts of beneficiaries between September 1, 2022, and October 31, 2022


Mizoram SEDP Scheme Application Procedure

  • You need to submit an application to the committee at the village level
  • You need to select the kind of financial aid if you have the privilege to select from more than 70 different professions
  • After you submit the application, it will be verified by the concerned authorities
  • All the funds will be deposited directly into the bank accounts of beneficiaries


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