Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana Online Application, Registration & Benefits

Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana: It happened on October 8, 2020 when the Maharashtra cabinet first approved the Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana. The scheme is designed to make women of the state financially empowered.

After getting it approved, the Nav Tejaswini Yojana will now be implemented in the state by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. Under this scheme, the state government has already sanctioned Rs 523 crore to women’s savings groups.

As these groups have been created, it will be easier to constantly monitor the issue of women development in the state. The scheme not only looks like effective but also aims to provide every help to make the women of the state financially strong.

In short, the state government of Maharashtra aims to provide financial aid to financially weak women through Nav Tejaswini Yojana.


Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana


Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana 2023

Maharashtra Nava Tejaswini Yojana was first launched by the state government of Maharashtra to make women self reliant. The above Sarkari Yojana will be implemented by Mahila Economic Development Corporation (MAVIM). MAVIM is a State Women’s Development Corporation.

The goal of the above organization is not only to empower women but also provide employment to self-help group women. In that direction, work is already going on.

As per an estimate around 10 lakh rural families are known to get benefitted through Nava Tejaswini Yojana. To implement it successfully in the state, a budget of Rs 523 crore has already been sanctioned.

In order to make women of the state financially self reliant, loans will be provided to them so that they can become financially independent. This will also generate employment in the state.

The loans will be provided to all women under the Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana where rural women can also have an access to financial services.


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Maharashtra Nava Tejaswini Scheme Highlights


Name  of the Scheme  Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana
Launched By    Maharashtra Government
Department Mahila Economic Development Corporation
Beneficiary   Rural women of the state
Objective   To make women self reliant
State   Maharashtra
Year   2023
Application Mode NA
Official Website   NA



Objective of Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana

As mentioned above, the core objective of launching the Yojana is to make women of the state financially independent. This will also help them pull out of poverty.

In addition to the above, the state government will also give them loan at low interest rates. To make women aware of these initiatives, a number of awareness campaigns will be conducted at various places.

Please note that loans will be made available to them only through the Nav Tejaswini scheme.


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Benefits of Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana

  • All women of the state will get the benefit of Maharashtra Nav Tejasvini Yojana
  • The above scheme will be implemented through Women and Child Development Corporation
  • The rural areas will benefit as 10 lakh families will be covered under this scheme
  • As per the Maharashtra Tejaswini scheme, loans will made available to women at low interest rates
  • The scheme will directly promote rural women entrepreneurship
  • A fund of Rs 333 crore will be provided under theYojana
  • The amount will be spent to support women entrepreneurship
  • Women who wish to start their own business will be given loans at low interest rates



Eligibility for Nav Tejaswini Yojana

  • To apply under the Nav Tejashwi Yojana, you need to be a permanent resident of Maharastra
  • Only women of the state will be eligible
  • Rural and Economically weak women will be eligible to apply
  • All beneficiary women need to connect their bank accounts with their respective Aadhar cards



Documents Required for Maharashtra Nava Tejaswini Scheme

  • Bank statement
  • A passport size photograph
  • Mobile number
  • Caste certificate
  • I Certificate
  • Address proof
  • Identity card
  • Aadhar card


How to apply under Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana?

If you wish to apply under the scheme, you need to wait for some time. It’s because the scheme has recently been implemented and will take some time where you can register and apply.

The page will be updated as soon as the information regarding Maharashtra Nava Tejaswini Yojana will be updated.


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Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana FAQs

What is Nav Tejaswini Yojana?

Under the scheme, a financial aid will be given to all women of the state to make them financially independent

Which state launched the Nava Tejaswini scheme?

It’s been launched in the Maharashtra state

Who implemented the Maharashtra Nav Tejaswini Yojana?

It was implemented by the Mahila Economic Development Corporation

How many families are expected to get benefit out of Maharashtra Nava Tejaswini Yojana?

Around 10 lakh families of the state will be benefitted.



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