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Jan Samman Video Contest: The state government of Rajasthan has initiated a number of Sarkari Yojana in the recent past. These schemes basically launched for the welfare of the poor. Looking at the number of such schemes launched by the Rajasthan government, a video contest has been started by the name Jan Samman Video Contest.

This video contest is being run on behalf of the Rajasthan government to give citizens a chance to win some exciting prizes on daily basis. One shortlisted, the state residents can win a prize of Rs 1 lakh. It’s all done through Jan Samman Video Contest.

If you are a citizen of Rajasthan and wish to apply in this contest, you may do so by visiting jansamman.rajasthan.gov.in and can win prizes worth lakhs of rupees every day.

Further, if you wish to participate in this contest and already have an account on social media, you can easily take part in the contest through this scheme.

The present document will update you about various aspects of Jan Samman Video Contest so that you can win exciting prizes on a daily basis. So, stay tuned to find more.



Jan Samman Video Contest Rajasthan 2023

The Video Contest has been initiated by the Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot. As per the contest, any state citizen above 13 years of age can participate.

All you need to do is to give information regarding the schemes being launched by the Rajasthan Government through videos.

To be eligible to participate, the citizens will have to educate people about various government schemes and their benefits to people by making videos and upload them on various social media platforms.

By launching the Jan Samman video contest, the government of Rajasthan has to provide all the benefits to people. Through this contest, more people will aware of such schemes being launched by the state government who have still not joined.



Rajasthan Jan Samman Video Contest Highlights


Name of the Scheme Jan Samman Video Contest
Launched By Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot
Beneficiary   Citizens of the State
Objective To make people aware about Rajasthan government schemes
Prize Money   1 lakh to 25 thousand rupees
State   Rajasthan
Year   2023
Application Mode Online
Official Website   https://jansamman.rajasthan.gov.in
Registration Start Date July 7, 2023  
Last Date of Application August 6, 2023  


Objective of Rajasthan Jan Samman Video Contest

The core objective of launching the Jan Samman Video Contest is to make 15 lakh people aware about the benefit of 10 major schemes launched by the government.

It will help those who have not joined these schemes and are still deprived of their benefits. It’s because the aim of launching these schemes is to benefit the poor.

After you will start making such videos regarding these schemes, more people will aware of such programs and will join them. The prizes for those making creative videos under this video contest would range between Rs 25,000 to Rs 1, 00,000.

The major benefit of those participating in the Jan Samman Video Contest is that you have the chance to grab daily prizes.


Details of the prizes under the Jan Samman Video Competition

There are different prizes set for those participating under the above Contest. These prizes will be available in the form of cash amount. Check for the details below:

Prize Cash Amount  
First prize   Rs 1 lakh per day
Second prize 50 thousand rupees per day  
Third prize   25 thousand rupees per day
100 Inspiration Awards   1000 rupees per day 


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More than 80 lakh rupees will be awarded

The government of Rajasthan has started the Jan Samman Video Contest through which any state resident can grab daily prizes by making videos. The video contest will commence from July 7 and will end on August 6.

It means the entire Jan Samman video competition will last for 1 month. The entire contest will give away more than 80 lakh prizes.

Out of the above amount, a total of total of Rs 1 lakh 75 thousand will be given to the first 3 winners every day. Other than the above, 100 people will get inspiration prizes of Rs 1,000 each.

It simply means that Rs 1 lakh Prerna Awards will be distributed by the state government. To be precise, the Jan Samman video competition will witness prizes worth Rs 2 lakh 75 thousand per day to the winners.



Jan Samman Video Contest Rajasthan winners announced

If you decide to participate in the Citizen Honor Video Contest and win a prize will be informed on the 3rd day via the official website and social media.

It means the list of winners in the video contest will be announced by the Rajasthan government on every 3rd day itself. It means you can win prizes on every 3rd day after your name gets announced.


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Features & Benefits of Jan Samman Video Contest Rajasthan

  • The Rajasthan CM first launched the video competition
  • All winners can get lakh of rupees on a daily basis
  • If you are still not aware about the video contest, you can get the details on the website
  • Jan Samman Video Contest will remain active and live from July 7 to August 6, 2023 in Rajasthan
  • The contest has been initiated by the Rajasthan government for one month
  • Those participating and winning the video contest can win Rs 80 lakh
  • The award will be announced on every 3rd day
  • The scheme will benefit both the common man as well as winners who get a chance to win lakhs of rupees
  • You need to create at least one official video per day and upload it on their social media handle with #JanSammanJaiRajasthan
  • The video content needs to be on the government scheme of Rajasthan and has to be uploaded on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform
  • The video contest will witness queries based on 10 fellowship schemes of the government



Eligibility to get the benefit of Jan Samman Video Contest Rajasthan

  • You must be a permanent resident of Rajasthan
  • You should be more than 13 years of age
  • All categories of Rajasthan citizens are allowed to participate


Documents required for the Public Honor Video Contest

  • Social media accounts
  • Email
  • Mobile number
  • Jan Aadhar Card


sso id

How to participate in Rajasthan Jan Samman Video Contest?

  • First, select any of the schemes launched by the Rajasthan government
  • Next, create a video of 30 seconds to 120 seconds and educate people thoroughly about the scheme
  • Try to be creative in the video you make by adding singing, poetry, dance, music, or by any other means
  • Before you upload the video, set it to public so that everyone can see your video
  • Next, you need to visit the official website of Jan Samman
  • Next, click “Click here to participate in the video Contest
  • Jan Samman Video Contest Application will open after you click

Jan Samman Video Contest


  • Next, enter your details like your name, gender, email, Jan Aadhaar number, etc.
  • Next, enter 2 social media links
  • Hit submit
  • This is how you need to participate in the video contest


udise plus

Things to keep in mind to participate in the Jan Samman Video Contest

  • Before making a verdict, your video will be screened by the Screening Committee to check the way you have given details regarding the scheme you covered in the video.
  • It’s only after that a winner will be selected. Please adhere to the following to participate in the video Contest:
  • The video you upload will be checked or screened as per the set guidelines
  • It will be also examined or checked the creativeness of your video
  • The screening will also include the completeness, correctness, and the quality of the video
  • Lastly, prizes will be distributed to the winners who meet the guidelines of the contest


Jan Samman Video Contest Rajasthan FAQs


Which state launched the Jan Samman Video Contest?


How much prize will the winners get in the Contest ?

The first 3 winners will get Rs 1 lakh to Rs 25 thousand

What’s the main objective to launch the Contest?

It’s to make people aware of government’s schemes who have still not joined them

Which state citizens can participate?

All Rajasthan citizens above 13 years of age can participate

How long will this Video Contest run?

The contest will be live for one month till 6th August 2023

Where to upload video under Jan Samman Video Contest?

You can upload the video on any social media platform like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram



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