Duare Sarkar Camp List 2023: New List, Pdf Download District Wise

Duare Sarkar Camp List: The state government of West Bengal is gearing up to introduce the Round Sarkar Camp, with a special focus on aiding individuals with special needs.

This initiative, scheduled for March, aims to offer six new facilities to beneficiaries. State Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi recently conducted a video conference with state officials and District Magistrates to review the readiness for the Sarkar Camp.

Notably, a distinctive camp tailored for people with disabilities will be established for the first time. West Bengal residents will have the opportunity to apply for various government programs through these camps.


Duare Sarkar Camp List



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West Bengal Duare Sarkar Camp 2023

The West Bengal government hosts the Duare Sarkar Camp in each district, allowing beneficiaries of various schemes to apply conveniently from their homes.

To date, three phases of these camps have been conducted, and this year, the third phase is scheduled to run for a month, starting from August 16th until September 15th. Beneficiaries can complete application forms at these camps, benefiting approximately 1.6 crore individuals.

These camps offer information on 18 schemes, including Swasthya Sathi, Khadya Sathi, caste certificates, Sikshashree, Kanyashree, among others.

So far, 17,107 camps have been identified across the state, enabling beneficiaries to apply for these 18 schemes. In the initial phase, 32,830 camps were organized. Last year’s initiative recorded a total footfall of 2.75 crore individuals, resulting in 1.77 crore applications submitted through these camps.



Duare Sarkar Camps 2023 Highlights


Name of the Scheme Duare Sarkar Camp List
Launched By WB Government 
Year 2023
Beneficiary Citizens Of West Bengal
Objective To provide benefits of different schemes
Application Mode  Offline
Official Website https://ds.wb.gov.in/


SSO ID Rajasthan



Services Available at the Camp


Khadya Sathi: The Food Partner Scheme offers subsidized rations to eligible recipients, catering to those within the poverty line and economically disadvantaged categories. In West Bengal, this program aims to assist nearly 4 crore individuals, providing 5 kg of food grains per person at a nominal cost of Rs 2 per kilogram.

Sathi Swasthya: The West Bengal government extends health insurance coverage of up to Rs. 500,000 through the Swasthya Sathi initiative, ensuring coverage for all residents of West Bengal. Participation in this program requires possession of a smart card by the beneficiary.

Shikshashree: Under the Shikshashree Scholarship Programme, students belonging to scheduled castes in grades five through eight can seek financial assistance. This initiative provides two types of support: maintenance grants and book grants. Its aim is to reduce the dropout rate, especially among female students, and enhance the participation of scheduled caste students in pre-matriculation stages.

Caste Certificate: The Dwarka government camps serve as a convenient avenue for beneficiaries to acquire their caste certificates. To obtain this certificate, beneficiaries need to complete an application and submit all necessary documentation at these camps.

Jai Johar: The Jai Jauhar Yojana now extends to the Scheduled Tribe citizens of West Bengal, offering them financial incentives. Among these benefits is a monthly pension of Rs. 1000. To qualify for these benefits, the beneficiary must provide proof of belonging to a Scheduled Tribe and be at least 60 years old.

Kanyashree: The Kanyashree Yojana, aimed at West Bengal’s female students, provides financial incentives to support their education. This program is accessible to girls aged 13 to 18 enrolled in grades 8 through 12. It offers an annual cash assistance of 750 rupees. Additionally, upon reaching the age of eighteen, the initiative presents a one-time award of Rs 25,000 to the girl child upon her completion of the age of eighteen.

Aikyashree: The Aikyashree Scholarship Programme is accessible to West Bengal students from underrepresented groups. It offers financial aid to eligible students at both high school and college levels, spanning from class 1 through Ph.D. level education.

Krishak Bandhu: The West Bengal government launched the Krishak Bandhu program to provide financial assistance to farmers. This initiative entails an annual financial support of Rs 4,000 for farmers. Additionally, the program includes a death benefit wherein the farmer’s family will receive Rs 2 lakh in case of the farmer’s demise before reaching 60 years of age.

Toposili Bandhu: This program is designed for the Scheduled Caste citizens of West Bengal, offering financial incentives to its participants. Among these benefits is a monthly pension of Rs. 600. To qualify for these benefits, the beneficiary must possess a Scheduled Caste certificate and be at least 60 years old.

Rupshree: The initiative was created to assist financially struggling parents during their daughters’ marriages. It offers a one-time award of Rs 25,000. By providing this financial support at the time of marriage, the West Bengal government aims to alleviate the need for citizens to resort to expensive loans.

Manabik: The West Bengal government has initiated the Manabik program for physically challenged residents. Eligible beneficiaries receive a monthly pension of Rs. 1,000 under this scheme. To qualify, the beneficiary’s family income must not exceed Rs. 100,000, and their disability percentage should be 50% or higher.


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Duare Sarkar Camp Phases

Phase One: Around 25 million individuals in the state were beneficiaries of the camps established during the initial phase, which ran for 55 days from December 1 to January 25. This phase comprised approximately 25,000 camps.

Phase Two: The second phase of this scheme, which ran from January 27 to February 8, aimed to accommodate every eligible citizen. It specifically catered to beneficiaries who couldn’t avail themselves of the camps during the initial phase.

Phase Three: The West Bengal government plans to establish Duare Sarkar Camps in every district from August 16 to September 15. These 17,107 camps aim to benefit around 1.6 crore individuals in West Bengal. Through these camps, beneficiaries can apply for the 18 registered schemes offered by the state government.


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Features & Benefits

Please check below some of the key features and benefits of the Duare Sarkar Camps:

  • In West Bengal, every district hosts a Duare Sarkari Camp organized by the government
  • The camps have been conducted in three phases by the administration
  • Beneficiaries can conveniently apply for various West Bengal government-sponsored schemes from their doorstep through these camps
  • Scheduled from August 16 to September 15 this year, the month-long camp aims to benefit nearly 1.6 crore people in the state.
  • Applicants must complete application forms at these camps to enroll in any scheme
  • Across the state, 17,107 camps have been identified for this purpose
  • These camps serve as platforms to inform the public about the 18 state-sponsored programs
  • Last year, 1.77 crore applications were processed through these camps, which witnessed a total footfall of 2.75 crore individuals
  • 32,830 camps were established during the initial phase of the scheme’s implementation
  • Additionally, the West Bengal government has launched a website providing detailed information about the Duare Sarkar camps


How to Download Duare Sarkar Camp List 2023

  • First, you need to visit the official website of Duare Sarkar
  • Next, click district wise camp list once you reach the homepage
  • It will open a new page where you need to select your district
  • Hit submit
  • It will make open a PDF file with district wise list


Contact Details

  • For further inquiries regarding the Duare Sarkar Camp List, here are the contact details for the State Level Task Force: 
  • Phone Number: 033 2250 1193
  • Email Address: duaresarkar@gmail.com
  • Feel free to reach out to them for any additional queries or assistance related to the Duare Sarkar Camps.


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