What is APAAR ID? How to register One Nation One Student ID, Check Benefits

APAAR ID: The Narendra Modi government at the Centre is currently in the process of gathering information on all school going children across the nation.

This initiative is aimed at establishing a distinctive identification number, known as the APAAR ID, for each schoolchild, similar to the Aadhar Card system.

The APAAR ID Card will contain comprehensive details about each student. The Ministry of Education has issued directives to initiate the APAAR ID creation process for students in all states and union territories.

In the pursuit of establishing a “One Nation One Student ID,” the initial step involves obtaining consent from the parents of the children. The school directors have already begun the process of requesting approval from parents for this purpose.

The APAAR ID is poised to serve a multitude of purposes, encompassing everything from enhancing children’s educational experiences to facilitating their future employment prospects.

It’s essential to understand that this initiative is an integral component of the new education policy, and it will significantly aid the government in its strategic planning.

To provide a more comprehensive understanding, let’s explore what the APAAR ID number is and the various ways in which it will be advantageous for school children.





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What is APAAR ID Card?

  • The APAAR ID, which stands for Automatic Permanent Academic Account Registry, is set to become a unique identifier, much like the Aadhaar or Voter ID number.
  • This APAAR ID will be issued to all schoolchildren across the nation, and it will remain constant throughout their educational journey.
  • This development will greatly assist the government in devising long-term plans for the welfare of children.
  • Once children are assigned their unique APAAR ID numbers, these IDs will retain their utility indefinitely.
  • This means that if a child transitions from one district to another or enrolls in a school anywhere in the country, their complete educational data can be accessed solely through this ID.
  • This single ID will serve as the key identifier for a student throughout the entire country.
  • Similar to the uniqueness of the Aadhaar card number, the ID will also be distinct and exclusive.
  • In the future, its usage will become mandatory for children across the nation. It’s important to note that schools are providing a standard form to parents, which they are required to complete and submit.
  • Following this submission, the ID Card will be generated for each student, contributing to the “One Nation One Student ID” initiative.
  • Additionally, the APAAR ID will be linked to the children’s Aadhar card number, further enhancing its utility and ensuring accurate identification. 


Apar ID Highlights


Name of the Scheme APAR ID
Launched By Central Government  
Beneficiary School going children  
Objective To collect children’s data using a single card
Year   2023
Official Website https://www.abc.gov.in/



Purpose of APAAR ID Card

The primary aim of the Central Government in creating the APAAR ID card is to consolidate the data of all school children in a single, comprehensive card.

This initiative, “One Nation One Student ID,” enables the government to formulate effective plans for the future of these children. The APAAR ID card will encompass all academic information, making it as versatile as the Aadhaar card.

An exceptional feature of this card is its enduring nature. Once an APAAR ID is issued to a student, even if they change schools, it will remain unaffected and consistent.

The APAAR ID will also streamline the admission process. To enroll in any school across the country, you’ll simply need to enter the APAAR number, and all the pertinent details will be readily available, ensuring a seamless transition.


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The government will have the data of children ‘s ID numbers

The APAAR ID will provide the government with a convenient means of accessing information about children with just a single click. Furthermore, the APAAR ID will be linked to the Aadhaar card, making it imperative for children to possess an Aadhar card.

Once the APAAR ID is established, it will facilitate children in seamlessly transitioning from one school to another, or even from one district to another, and enable them to partake in various activities.

This ID will offer a comprehensive repository of information pertaining to children, encompassing not only their basic details like name, address, photo, date of birth, and gender, but also information concerning their sports activities, scholarships, educational loans, awards, and more.

It’s worth noting that the Ministry of Education will securely store all this information, minimizing the risk of misuse.

The Ministry of Education will exclusively employ this data for educational purposes, ensuring its responsible and ethical utilization.



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 Immense ID Number Benefits

  • The “One Nation One Student ID” initiative will significantly enhance the tracking of students’ academic progress and other contributions.
  • By closely monitoring students who may have dropped out, the government can implement measures to re-engage them in educational activities.
  • It can also facilitate the creation of a Children’s DigiLocker ecosystem.
  • Through this ID, data such as exam results, report cards, health records, participation in Olympiad games, and other contributions across all classes can be easily accessible in one centralized location.
  • Students will be provided with a credit score, which they can use to their advantage for higher education or employment opportunities.
  • This credit score can also be utilized in entrance exams conducted by organizations like the National Testing Agency (NTA) or other universities. 
  • Furthermore, the government schemes and benefits can be directly provided to children through the APAAR ID, streamlining the process of awarding scholarships and other incentives to deserving students.
  • This initiative aims to simplify and improve the educational and career prospects for all students across the country.


 How to register for APAAR ID Card

  • While registering for the Apara ID card, you need to visit the ACADEMIC BANK OF CREDITS
  • You need to visit the official website of Ministry of Education
  • Next, you will come across the QR code after you reach the homepage



  • It will bring you the application form after scanning
  • Enter all the required details and upload documents
  • Finally, click register option


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How to download APAAR ID Consent Form

You can directly download Apar ID Consent Form which is given below:

Click Here to Download



APAAR ID Card 2023 FAQs


What is the full form of Apar ID?

Automated Permanent Academic Account Registry

Whose Apar ID card will be made?

APAAR ID Card will be made for all the school children of the country

Will Apar ID be linked to Aadhaar card number?


What are the benefits to school children through APAAR ID Card?

Using One Nation One Student ID, school, the school going children can get benefits

What benefits will students get from Apar ID number?

The girl students can avail education and scholarship loans, and much more.


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